Look -- Flesh Kernel has a very simple premise:

A lowlife hybrid strikes a deal with an ancient flatworm god to retrieve the Flesh Kernel.

What's a hybrid? In short, we're on Earth in the year 2345, centuries after it has been turned into a colony by a species of mind-controlling grey aliens from Zeta Reticuli. Really mundane post-apocalypse, barely worthy of note: after humans almost completely atom-glass themselves in the 2030s (check out Lemma for more on that), the Greys establish a colonial regime on planet Earth, rewrite history, wash brains, scramble culture, yadda yadda. And greys are a male-only "species", artificial machines, they mate with native concubines and produce hybrids, so there you have it.

How does one strike a deal with a god? Oh, it's easy, it's all protocol, just a stack of forms. There's cosmic laws for this stuff. Thankfully Wilt's human ex, Glo, happens to be a cosmic attorney by trade, and while they're not on the greatest of terms anymore, and she's got, literally, a few gears loose, she knows her way around most of the psychic wiring. I say literally because in the 24th century they don't make humans like they used to, they're born unfinished. It's a whole thing.

"A" flatworm god? Polytheism now? Don't even get me started on "gods" (pe-eww!). There's gods all over! Flip the crystalline methane on any backwater planetoid and a swarm of these despicable critters scutters away. Real nuisance, and wherever they go, trouble follows. Around gods, watch your... bods? Watch your mouth, which brings us to the main course.

What the heck is this Flesh Kernel? Well it isn't a lot of things, and it isn't them very aggressively, which is kind of its purpose. It's a concentrated germ of pure becoming, ready to evert the world like a sock and incarnate the obscene and the impossible. Packed with anti-production juice, full of overlapping flavors that can't sit still. This is one nasty avocado pit boys and goils, this is the bad apple. This is the un-egg in which the old chicken gets buried.

Anyways, it's all pretty straightforward, and so if you enjoy simple, uncomplicated webcomics with inoffensive themes, you might get a kick out of Flesh Kernel. Thanks for reading, and enjoy.

-- cancrizans canon

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